Current projects

par Catherine Cimon-Paquet

I am always involved in many projects! Here are the projects I am currently working on.


Entropy Podcast

I am the founder and host of the Entropy Podcast. The podcast is in French and is available on Spotify and Acast.


I am part of the organizing committee. I mainly focused on building our website and creating visuals for our marketing campaign. I am also reaching out to collaborators and universities to promote our event. Image credits : Douce Sévigny for ComSciCon-QC

Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA)
Student Ambassadors

I am a volunteer for the CPPA student zone. I mainly focus on knowledge transfer (i.e., blog, instagram and webinars).

Educational Pathways and Social Influences lab (LEPSIS)

I currently a doctoral student under the supervision of Marie-Hélène Véronneau, PhD, and previously did an internship in this lab (2018).

Psychology Graduate Students’ Association (University of Montréal 2017-2019)

I was the research coordinator of the graduate students’ union. I organized events (i.e., conferences, social events), I was an active member of my Departmental Assembly and I shared everything related to scientific research with our members. Lately, I had been working on the Ça va? committee, which aims to promote mental health in university students.